Yoga for Hair Growth: 10 Powerful Asanas for Healthy, Long and Strong Hair

Yoga for Hair Growth

Problems related to hair and its health have become a very common issue, recently. The main contribution to these issues comes from the urban lifestyle. The constant stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and exposure to pollution are some of the main reasons why there’s been a huge rise in the number of people suffering from some or the other hair problem.

To try and fix this up, we look into the market and try product after product on our hair. More often than not, we end up with unsatisfactory results. What we fail to understand is that the problem is rooted much deeper than the surface of the hair strands. We need to observe and make some changes in our day to day life to restore the health of our beautiful locks. That brings us to the Yoga for hair growth.

What Is Yoga? Why Should I Follow It?

Yoga is one of the natural remedies that can be followed by both men and women without making any mess or creating any fuss. The term ‘yoga’ is derived from Sanskrit, literal translation being: a union. Yoga is basically the union of the body to the soul. The different postures of the Yoga target at improving all aspects of a healthy human body.

There are some specific poses of the Yoga for healthy hair growth, which if followed with discipline will provide you with mind-blowing results.

The Various Hair Problems:

The declining health of your once luscious mane is usually very noticeable, right from the very beginning. The symptoms being nothing if not alarming and obvious. The most common signs include:

  • A sudden rise in the number of hair strands you see on your hairbrush, pillow and clothes. The hold of your scalp on your hair seems very fragile, the strands falling way more than they usually would.
  • If the symptom above continues to be a persistent problem, you might start noticing thinning of your hair, some bald spots visible along your hairline or on the centre of your scalp. However, the second spot is more commonly seen in men.
  • Are you a youngster or a teenager who has been shocked by the sight of some grey or white hair shining amongst your natural hair colour?  These are also a sign of the many late nights you’ve had to pull and the stress that your hair has taken.
  • Dandruff is the dead skin that your scalp sheds. Sometimes it is fungal as well. Either way, either the scalp produces excess oil or insufficient oil, which indicates towards the concerning state of the scalp. This type of dandruff doesn’t go away easily and is recurring in nature.
  • Sometimes even after trying every possible method and product available, the hair just doesn’t seem to grow longer at the desired pace. The process can be very slow and frustrating.

There are many yoga asanas for hair growth and protection, the mudras of yoga effectively help in improving the condition of the scalp, channeling the thyroid hormones in a way that nurtures your hair and the blood circulation to the scalp healthier.

The Limitations:

What needs to be kept in mind is that your hair is made of non-living cells. The condition of your scalp and the root problems can be made better, but your already grown hair cannot be fixed. Yoga will not be able to turn the color of your hair from grey, back to its natural shade. Other problems like split ends that happen to dry and damaged hair won’t heal themselves either. A new haircut would help you see the magical effects that resulted from Yoga.

Other than that, the hair issues that are hereditary are usually hard to deal with. Yoga might be helpful in making the situation a little better, however.

Yoga Poses for Hair Growth:

Here are some of the best Yoga poses for healthy hair growth:

1) Balayam Yoga | Rubbing Nails Yoga for Hair Growth

How to do it: This yoga asana for hair growth is as easy as it could be. But there are certain things to keep in mind. Usually, the minute details are left which either don’t let the Yoga help or leave the effects that are adverse. All you need to do is, keep your thumbs upright and curl your remaining four fingers in. Now, begin to vigorously rub your nails against each other. Make sure you don’t rub your fingers together. Keep in mind, rubbing the thumb nails against each other might activate facial hair growth. Unless that is one of your desired outcomes, it is advised to refrain from doing so.

How does it work: Under your nails are certain nerve endings. When you rub your nails against each other, it activates those nerves and your brain begins to revive the dead hair follicles.

Helps with: Reducing bald spots, premature greying of hair.

2) Ushtrasana Yoga | Camel Pose for Hair Growth

How to do it: Sit on the ground on your knees. Now bend backwards and with your right hand, grab your right ankle, following the same with your left limbs as well. Arch your back outwards and lean your head backwards. Hold the position for about 10 seconds before letting go and repeating the process a few more times.

How does it work: It helps in activating the nerve endings that are responsible for blood circulation to the scalp.

Helps with: Hair fall, faster hair length growth.

Precaution: If suffering/suffered from back and spinal complications, stopping as soon as you’re uncomfortable would be wiser. Consult a physiotherapist before continuing.

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3) Sarvangasana Yoga | Shoulder Stand Pose for Hair Growth

How to do it: Commonly known as the shoulder headstand, which is a pretty self-explanatory name, the Sarvangasana is also one of the most common yoga exercises for hair growth. To practice this mudra, first lie down on the ground and join your legs together. Now, slowly lift both of them together at the same time, raising your hips up along with them. You will begin feel the pressure of your weight on your shoulders and your neck. Keep your legs stretched out straight. Hold the position for 45 seconds and slowly, descend your legs down to the ground again. Repeat this a few times.

How does it work: When your weight exerts pressure on our neck and your throat, it circulates the blood to your thyroid gland, which in turn secretes the hormones that help with hair growth.

Helps with: Filling up bald spots, healthy root hair growth.

Precautions: Do not practice if you have weak bones or shoulder injuries. Blood pressure and heart disease patient need to practice caution.

4) Shirshasana | Headstand Pose for Hair Growth

How to do it: Shirshasana is comes from the Sanskrit word “Shirsha” which means ‘Head’. Very commonly practiced and known by the name, ‘headstand’, Shirshasana can be a little hard for beginners.

Intertwine your fingers together but leave your palms open like a book. Now, get down on your elbows and knees. Place your head on your palms and begin to straighten your legs up, setting your weight on your toes instead of your knees. This will make your body look like an inverted ‘V’. Now fold one leg in towards your chest before raising it up straight, making a 90-degree angle with the ground. Once you’re confident that your elbows and your head are balanced enough to support your weight, lift your other leg up as well. Beginners can practice against a wall first.

How does it work: It turns the flow and circulation of the blood to your scalp, making your hair follicles receive more nutrition.

Helps with: Hair fall, greying of hair, and dandruff.

5) Adhomukha Savasana | Downward Facing Dog Pose for Hair Growth

How to do it: The common name for this yoga asana for hair growth is also ‘Downward facing dog’. For this, get down on the ground on our hands and knees. Keep your palms stretched out flat on the ground. Begin to straighten your knees and set your weight down on your feet, pushing your pelvis up. Once your legs are stretched out straight and your weight rests on your palms and feet, which are completely flat on the ground, hold the position for 30 seconds before relaxing and repeating.

How does it work: Provides with stress relief and stretches the entire body, making the blood flow through the nerves and the muscles.

Helps with: Hair strengthening, hair fall.

Precautions: Women who are more than 3 months pregnant should avoid practising this mudra.

6) Vajrasana | The Diamond Pose for Hair Growth

How to do it: This pose doesn’t require a lot of skills, but it does take a lot of time to get used to doing it and doing it for a long time. Get down on your knees on a mat and sit down in a way that your heels touch your bottom. Rest your palms on your thigh. This pose can be very uncomfortable and difficult to hold in the beginning since it makes the legs numb. But with gradual practise, it can be practised for a long time.

How does it work: When the blood circulation to your lower body is minimised because of the weight of your torso resting on your legs, the blood flows towards the torso and higher, going up to the head and the scalp. This pose also improves digestion and hence, helps your body in absorbing the nutrition better.

Helps with: Greying of hair, hair fall, fast growth of hair.

7) Apanasana | Knees-to-Chest Pose for Hair Growth

How to do it: Also known as ‘knees-to-chest’ position, this yoga exercise for hair growth works as a detoxifier.  Lie down on the ground on your back. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the ground. Now, with both of your arms, fold your knees in towards your chest and hold your legs in that position for about 45 seconds before releasing.

How does it work: The pressure on your abdomen and the chest forces the toxicants in your body to be removed through the colon. A body full of nutrients and rid of toxicants instantly feels healthier, including the hair.

Helps with: Detoxifying the body and the materials that might have been a hindrance to the nutrients trying to reach your scalp.

8) Anulom Vilom | Alternate Nostril Breathing Yoga for Hair Growth

How to do it: Sit down in a steady pose. Vajrasana can be practised along with this asana for maximum effect. However, sitting criss-cross with a straightened back works too. Press your thumb to one of your nostrils and slowly inhale. Now, with your ring finger, press the other nostril and exhale. Alternatively, inhale through the other nostril and exhale through the other one. This is one complete round of the Anulom Vilom yoga asana.

How does it work: Not only does it work as a stress reliever, it also increases the oxygen in the blood.

Helps with: Detoxification, healthy hair roots.

9)  Sasangasana | Rabbit Pose for Hair Growth

How to do it: Get down on the ground on your knees. Now, bend forward and rest your head on the ground, as close to your knees as possible. Outstretch your arms and try to grab your ankles with your hands. Even if you cannot hold onto your ankles initially, the flexibility will increase the more you practise the asana.

How does it work: This yoga works as a blend of the Ushtrasana and the Apanasana. Not only does it push out the toxicants, it stretches and increases the blood circulation flow throughout the body.

Helps with: Detoxification, stress relief and a healthier scalp.

10) The Uttanpadasana | Raised Leg Pose for Hair Growth 

How to do it: Lie down on the ground, flat on your back. Join both of your legs together, keeping the knees straight. Inhale till your lungs are full of oxygen and begin to slowly lift both of your legs up in the air together. Keep raising them up till they make a rough 45-degree angle with the ground. Hold the position till you run out of breath and lower your legs, exhaling at the same time. Repeat this a few times.

How does it work: It improves the digestion process and the blood rush from the lower half to the body to the torso makes the oxygen reach the scalp along with the blood.

Helps with: Nutrition, hair fall, bald spots.

Precaution: Pregnant women should avoid this asana.

Other than these, the yoga positions for hair growth that can be practiced are the Kapalabhati, the Uttanasna, the Matsyasana, and the Pavanmukasana. The above-mentioned 10 positions are the easiest and the most effective positions for hair growth.

If any confusion about any of the asanas for hair growth still persists, Yoga by Baba Ramdev can always be used as a guide. A proper schedule filled with Yoga for hair growth and a healthy amount of sleep, paired with a nutritious diet and some discipline, can work wonders.

Urban life keeps us on our toes, trying to make the ends meet. A little time set apart to take care of our health is hard, but absolutely vital.

The alternatives available in the market can be used but they don’t ensure desired results. They can affect you adversely since we’re not aware of every chemical component used in the manufacturing process, if we even know all of them are actually listed on the containers we get.

Letting your hair be treated through yoga exercises for hair growth can be a long process that requires a lot of patience, for sure. But it doesn’t take long and after one point, it becomes an enjoyable habit. Giving yourself just half an hour a day is worth getting your luscious locks back, naturally. Especially when the long-lasting effects are on your entire body.

Did we miss any amazing yoga poses for hair growth that you know? Let us know in the comment section. We would also love to know your responses and how well did these poses work for you.

We wish you a healthy hair growth!

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