As rightly said, hair are a natural ornament that a person can possess. They indeed make or break a personality. Having a good set of hair or long-locks surrounding your face can boost confidence multi-folds and always are a key ingredient for a charismatic appearance.

Today the problem of hair loss is very prevalent all across the world and primarily given rise to baldness in many people. This state of condition is called alopecia. This can influence your scalp and even the entire body. As per medical science, it is normal to lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair every day. With thousands and lakhs of hairs on the head, that small amount is almost unnoticeable. As the new hair growth replaces the lost ones there is no problem however, if this mechanism doesn’t happen then the scalp might become hairless in very short span of time.

Hair Patch in Delhi – The One Stop Solution for Baldness

Loss of hair indeed can have catastrophic consequences on one’s life, giving rise to frustration, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem as well as depression. 

The majority of people who experience loss of hair aspires for a remedy that can turn-around their personality, they urge for an immediate solution to inspire their self-esteem and gain back their lost confidence. Essentially, in order to solve this problem of utilizing the hair patches is considered one of the most effective solutions. 

The best part of the process is that there is no surgery, no drugs, no lotions or tattooing involved. Indeed, one of the quickest solutions to the problem of hair loss and baldness is hair patch. We also call it hair system or hair fixing. The best hair patch in Delhi allows you to remedy this problem with a non-surgical process.

Hair Patch in Delhi

Although there are other techniques that can help restore crowning hair like hair weaving, surgical methods like hair transplant, but most effective and efficient is applying a hair patch. Hair Patch in Delhi is a method of successful hair restoration by the virtue of which small cap-shaped patch made from human hair is utilized to cover the areas where there is thinning of hairs or completely bald. Experienced dermatologists and staff like in Majestic Hair and Skin Clinic use a premium quality adhesive that is skin-friendly to fix the hair patch on the concerned areas.

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What are the Techniques for Applying a hair patch?

Treatment is very efficient and the installation of hair patch is almost painless and usually completed in one sitting.

There are three methods to apply a hair patch.

1. Hair Bonding Or Hair Glue:

A special glue is applied after cleaning the bald area and the patch is pasted to the scalp with that glue. It lasts long and gives the most natural look. The most popular glue for hair system is, Walker Tape Ultra Hold Hair System Adhesive.

Hair Patch in Delhi 1

2. Hair Taping

This is another method to paste the patch. In this method, a special double-sided tape is used in combination with glue. The tapes used for hair patching are Red Tape, No-shine Contour Tape, Ultra Hold Tape, Extenda Bond Plus Strip Tape.

Hair Patch in Delhi 2

3. Hair Clipping

Special clips are stitched to the hair patch and your existing hair hold these clips. The benefit of this method is you can install and remove the patch every day by yourself. But this method gives less natural looks than hair bonding.

Hair Clipping for Hair Patch

Benefits of Hair Patch

Side Effects or Disadvantages of Hair Patch

Common Questions Related to Hair Patch

The cost of a quality hair patch ranges between Rs.10,000-Rs.50,000 in Delhi. The cost of a hair patch depends on the quality of hair and lace used in making the patch and the size of bald area where the patch is to be applied. Essentially, a hair patch is economical as compared to other options available to cure baldness. 

The longevity of a hair patch is also dependent on how well you maintain the patch in terms of regular washing and servicing, using only branded adhesives and accessories with the patch and prevention from dust, sweat, etc. The life cycle of a hair patch is 6-12 months based on quality and requires replacement after that period. Better is the quality of the hair patch more natural is the overall outlook of the personality.

Hair Patching is not a permanent arrangement. It would require a replacement after 6 to 18 months. It requires a replacement after a certain period of time.

Specialists fix the patch of hair with the assistance of restorative glue or clips. The glue and clips are very safe and do not have any kind of reaction or side effect on the skin or scalp. This kind of corrective treatment for hair is incredibly sheltered and does not take a lot of time.

Selecting the best hair patch is very important to provide a natural look and feel. Moreover, it also depends on the quality of hair patch applied and it’s fitting on the bald areas. Thus, selection depends on many attributes like the size of hair patch, the brand of patch utilized, the quality of hair used, and the price suitable according to your budget.

Indeed, a good hair patch that is well placed on the area looks completely natural and adds to the personality. If set properly, it looks so natural that no one can identify that you are wearing a hair patch.

The primary difference between a hair wig and hair patch is that the hair patch is applied only in the area where there is baldness however, wig covers the entire area of the scalp. A hair patch is much favored than a wig since it is more effective and provides desired results. A wig is suitable for people who don’t even have natural hair in the sides and back of the head. Some examples of these cases are cancer patients who lose all hair due to chemotherapy and people suffering from Alopecia Universalis. In all the other cases, a patch is more suitable and gives the most natural looks.

Depending on your natural hair growth rate and the technique used for hair patch installation (Clipping, Taping, Glue, etc.) it requires maintenance after every 25 to 35 days. For a Hair Patch, regular maintenance is required after 30-40 days.

This includes below mentioned four steps:

  1. Cleaning your hair patch after removing it from the scalp.
  2. Washing and disinfecting your scalp.
  3. Reinstalling the hair patch and
  4. Cutting, coloring, and hairstyling to give you natural looks again.

Our staff gives you proper instructions at the time of installing a hair patch so that could service your hair patch at home.

Both Hair Patch and Hair Transplant caters to different hair problems based on the severity. Therefore, they both have pros and cons associated with them

  • If you are looking for a permanent solution and have sufficient hair grafts (that are required to cover your bald area) in the donor area then hair transplant is a better choice. Transplanted hair takes 6-12 months to grow.
  • If you want to go for a non-surgical and faster way to get natural looks back in just 2 hours, then a hair patch is the better option.

Yes, you can, but not more than twice a week. We recommend using only sulfate-free shampoo. It is also advised to use conditioner along with shampoo as it’s gentle to the hair system and helps maintain the color and softness of hair.

Majestic Hair And Skin Clinic – Why Choose Hair Patch Service In Delhi?

We at Majestic Hair and Skin Clinic offer premium quality of hair loss solutions that can be customized according to you. We are best in installing an authentic hair patch that appears completely natural and made out of 100% natural human hair. We have over 50,000+ clients and 15+ years of expertise to make it look completely natural. This easy non-surgical solution can be applied for both males and females who are enduring from hair loss, baldness, and other hair related problems due to genetic or any other causes.

Majestic Hair and Skin Clinic is well known for high standards of hygiene maintained at our clinic to provide you with the best results. With our professional and highly trained staff, we are committed to solving any issues you might have with hair like thinning of hair, density, color, texture as well as a selection of a particular style to provide a complete natural look.

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