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Hair transplant for women has been one of the most common and universal treatments when an effective cure for baldness and hair loss is required. However, this treatment has gained more popularity from those who have tried this surgery as the results are highly encouraging.

In this era, hair transplant for women has been growing in popularity as more and more women are prone to hair loss. In a research from the American Academy of Dermatology, it has been noted that around 30 million women in the US are affected by hair loss problem. The reasons behind can be Androgenetic Alopecia, Hormonal disorder, Trauma of the body and many other natural causes. The treatment depends on the cause and once the hair loss disease is diagnosed, it can be treated as well. However, in some cases it can’t be treated even after going through a proper treatment. Due to that, some women feel embarrassed or loose their self-confidence as they can’t able to shed their bald patches on their head. Therefore, to cater these problems and the ever growing need of women to look beautiful & feel confident, many hair surgeons and scientists have discovered a new process that is called Hair Transplant.

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Hair Transplant for Women in Delhi
Hair transplant is basically the cosmetic surgery process, which is carried out by dermatology surgeons by graphing follicle-filled skin from other parts of the body and planting them in that area where the hair growth is needed. Moreover, these follicles will cultivate in that area and in results, Hair will start growing back automatically. Hair transplantation for women is not as similar as the transplantation for Men. Therefore, the skin of women is more sensitive as compared to the men. Women are more prone to the allergies, sensitive skin and other complications like medication risks, which should be followed even after the surgery is carried out. Because of these reasons, doctors take extra care and superior artistic vision to do this surgery process. Now, let us discuss more about the procedure of hair transplantation for women.


The procedure of hair transplant for women in India is a very simple procedure that doesn’t require any knife cut or any dig hole process. All that the surgeon only uses the sharp surgical knife to separate the removed portion of scalp into smaller sections, which has been monitored via a magnifying lens. Once, the small section of scalp is removed, the surgeon uses a small needle to numb the affected area of a patient’s head. Moreover, they only use the smallest needle to sew the scalp. This will help in achieving a natural-looking hair growth. The entire process of this surgery takes 4 to 5 hours only. It takes about 10 days for the patient to recover from the surgery and after that the stitches are removed. Well, to achieve a full head of hair, a patient may require up to 3 or 4 sessions and total time span is spread over a few months in some cases for the healing process to complete.

As mentioned above, the hair follicles are used for planting a new live follicle. These follicles are basically taken from the other part of the body where the patient has more hair growth and good hair fertile skin. There are 2 methods of Hair Harvestings:

Strip Harvesting:

In the First strip harvesting method, the surgeons basically remove the strips of the scalp or grafted then plants on to the different spots of bald head individually. This is a very successful way of getting follicles for hair planting. The only drawback of this method is that the hair grows in this process sometimes looks unnatural or abnormal.
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Follicular Unit Extraction:

The other method is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Harvesting. In FUE Harvesting, the follicles are taken through Micro-Punching and then placed in that area of the head that needs transplantation. Usually, in this process, the follicles are taken based on their natural growth grouping. This process is more effective as compared to strip harvesting method. This process results in more natural-looking hair growth.

Who is the good candidate for Women Hair Transplant?

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Why us for Women Hair Transplantation

Women Hair Transplantation surgery is something that can really change their life and give them back their self-confidence. Try out our best women hair transplant surgery services as we assure you a 100% natural results. Our Highly-qualified staff and experienced surgeons first examine the complete history and the causes of your hair loss. We always take your hair loss seriously and examine your hair disease by performing special medical evaluations and tests. However, this has to be done at the initial consultation of a patient. After evaluation, we will first discuss the options, limitations and benefits of hair transplant surgery with you, then help you in opting a perfect solution. We are not money-minded and always charge the genuine cost for your hair loss treatment. We promise to use world-class technologies and equipment in all our offered services. Our goal is to help our clients, in order to make them the most informed decision and help them in achieving their desired outcomes. We provide different packages for hair transplantation for women surgery along with different benefits that help a quality and affordable hair loss treatment solutions to our esteemed customers.


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