What is a Maximum Density Follicular Implant (MDFI)?

High Density Hair Transplant

In this fast-moving world, everyone demands for high, everywhere and in every case. Similarly, in medical maximum density follicular implants is in new trends in the world, which means maximum hair density can be achieved as soon as possible with the best hair transplant. Now let us discuss more.

Maximum Density Follicular Implant is the new trend technique of hair transplant where surgeons use their best skills or we can say precisely use grafts process, so as to get the best output as soon as possible. Usually, in the hair transplant process follicles implanted only 30-40 follicular at a per square centimeter, but in the case of MDFI, the number of follicular units is increased by double, that means the density of maximum 70-80 follicular units at a per square centimeter.

What is the process for doing MDFI treatments?

This MDFI is only possible through the combination of both FUE and FUT hair transplant, which gives the maximum number of follicles and grafts units to cover the bald skin from the head of a patient. However, the key for getting desired results is to do dense pricking into each graft which can be transplanted manually and one by one on each micro-incision, with specially designed instruments to avoid damaging the vital structure of each hair graft etc.

Can a high-density hair transplant be done with a less dense donor area?

Well, if the bald area of your head is very large and they want to cover the whole area, then, this MDFI treatment is the best option for you. All you need is to go for multiple sittings or sessions and the treatment can also continue for a long time where surgeons take or graft hair from other parts of your body where you have good hair growth. Hence, it’s an advice for the surgeons that they should maintain a certain distance between hair follicles or adjacent grafts to maintain a good supply of blood between two grafts etc. This will lead to increase the survival rate of the hair growth in the transplanted area.

For someone who needs a hair transplant, which method is higher density with lower side-effects, FUE or FUT?

Basically, it depends on the condition and the situation of the hair fall problem, a patient have. However, our highly-dedicated surgeons and first personally diagnose your hair fall problem and the area and after diagnosing and understanding all the concepts what grade of baldness the FUE or FUT hair transplant is recommended before going to make a decision on judging their suitability and feasibility in terms of output of densely-packed hairs and an aesthetic result etc. In truth, FUT has the greatest results in comparison to FUE hair transplant in terms of getting a higher number of grafts results in densely-packed regrowth of hair.

How do, one can increase the density of transplanted hair?

It depends on multiple factors like diagnosing the pre-existing history of a patient whether he/ she should not have Androgenetic Alopecia, Hormonal disorder, Trauma of the body or went earlier for any graft and hair transplant process and many other natural causes. Our qualified and experienced surgeons will make the decision and give you the right option, after diagnosing all the consequences and reasons of a patient’s hair fall problem.

What if anyone's donor area is weak for hair transplant? Can they achieve a good density of hair?

Patient’s who don’t have enough hair on the back of their head. In that case, Doctors will take donor hair from other parts of the body like the legs, chest, face, arms, etc. where there is enough supply of hair. A Surgeon will choose the right body part after diagnosing the donor site where the patient considers the surplus hair or unwanted hair. During this case, FUE hair transplant is the best option, where make follicles from the donor site which could be a face, arm or chest as discussed above, and transplant ant the bald scalp of the patient.

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