What is laser therapy for hair loss?

Laser Hair Loss Treatment is a new fruitful result, research from the branch of dermatologists, to treat soft tissues of the bald area and grow hair again. The therapy is easy, safe and painless and has no side effects as it is associated with a low laser level light. It works to stimulate both men and women, new hair growth and repair problematic scalp.
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What is low laser light?

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Low laser light is a fast growing, handheld laser beam technology, that emits the low levels of light to treat a multitude of conditions which require stimulation of inflammation, healing, relief of pain and restoration of a function. However, the light which is used in this beam is different from the natural light that directly penetrates into the scalp tissues where it stimulates the blood circulation and improves the protein synthesis and cellular metabolism.

Low laser light for hair loss treatment is a very effective tool, that works by increasing the flow of blood to the scalp and hair follicles, encouraging healthy and volume hair. The properties of this Low laser light, penetrates with no side effects, no damage and no heating effects.

How does laser hair loss treatment work?

How does laser hair loss treatment work?
With the increasing popularity, the process of the treatment works with the help of a beam light tool, from which a low level of light emits directly to the tissues of the scalp. However, the treatment is performed by the dermatologist experts and surgeons that can effectively remove the issue of the baldness problem permanently and grows hair again with minimal risks. The treatment works best on those who have pattern baldness and thinning hair caused by an Androgenetic alopecia or hereditary condition. The treatment will not work for everyone, and it is unlikely to work on those with very less to no hair. The treatment is relatively sounds safe, and there is minimum disruption on the surface of the scalp. The treatment ends with the application of some antibiotic creams to minimize the risk and settle down the other skin related issue.

How long the Mesotherapy treatment takes?

  • It stimulates the hair follicles and promotes hair re-growth.
  • The treatment increases the supply of blood immediately after 1 sitting to the scalp.
  • It stops the hair loss problem
  • It increases hair quality and strength as such as giving shinning, volume, softer and elasticity.
  • It repairs damaged hair which is caused by chemicals.
  • It will also help to the newly transplanted hair (after post-operative surgery) to increase the healing and thrive process.
  • Apart from, it also delivers the light directly to the different affected area without loss of any light properties, so as to ensure appropriate dosages in the bald area.

How quickly will a patient see results?

low level laser therapy hair loss before afterUsually, a laser Hair Loss Treatment takes about 30 minutes and around 9 to 10 sittings for at least 1 sitting in a week. After 5 or 6 sitting, your scalp should notice an improvement and bald area starts growing hair. The treatment makes the bald area disappear and regrow the hair with full elasticity and progress like shine, density and volume etc. The process is less time-consuming and charges very low cost as compared to other treatments etc.

Who are the best candidates for laser hair loss therapy for hair loss?

  • Naturally, Laser Hair Loss Treatment is recommended for men and women with hair loss problem who want to assess their chances of success hair growing again.
  • Patients who are not viable for the surgical transplant procedure.
  • Pregnant women and patient with thyroid or other medical issues are not advised to go for this treatment.

What are Precautions should be followed while treating laser hair loss therapy?

  • A patient should avoid going over the sun exposures for at least the next 6 weeks after the treatments, as UV rays make the treatment less effective and creates some complications.
  • While performing this laser hair loss treatment, Doctors are advised to wear sunglasses as the light rays emitted from the beam are harmful.
  • Allergic reactions can occur after this treatment. Hence, it’s an advice should notice and share with your doctors each and everything as little carelessness will lead you into a big trouble.
  • After going through this laser hair loss treatment, one needs to follow the healthy lifestyle and well-balanced diet.
  • Regular exercise and workout are also must after this treatment.
  • Consumption of junk food is strict ‘no-no’ with this treatment.

What are the side effects?

  • Several sessions and sittings are needed for the long-term benefits and permanent hair Loss Treatment.
  • Sometimes, the risks of laser Hair Loss therapy such as bleeding, infection, pain, scarring and changes in skin color, skin redness etc.
  • Some kind of swelling can be noticeable in and around an eye area and forehead on the next day. However, not to worry, it takes about 1 or 2 days to resolve.

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