Refund & Cancellation Policy

At Majestic Hair & Skin Clinic, we value your trust and understand that there might be circumstances under which you may need to cancel or reschedule your hair transplant surgery or consultation appointment.

Please review our refund and cancellation policy carefully:

Surgery Booking Amount:

Once you have confirmed and booked your surgery with Majestic Hair & Skin Clinic, there will be no refunds provided. However, we do allow for the adjustment of the booking amount against a future hair transplant surgery postponement at a later date, subject to availability and mutual agreement between the patient and Majestic Hair & Skin Clinic.

Consultation Booking:

After booking a consultation with Majestic Hair & Skin Clinic, no refunds will be issued.

Surgery Cancellation by the Patient:

Should the patient choose to cancel the scheduled surgery, the amount paid will be non-refundable. However, the clinic is willing to accommodate the patient’s needs by adjusting the amount against a future surgery date. The rescheduled date will be agreed upon between the patient and Majestic Hair & Skin Clinic, subject to availability..

Rescheduling of Procedure:

To maintain the highest possible standards in patient safety, sterilisation, sanitation and medical ethics, the clinic reserves the right to reschedule a surgery procedure, which will be informed to the patient. The clinic will do the rescheduling to maintain the highest quality services at all times to each patient. We request the patient to cooperate with us in such rare cases as their safety and well-being remain the highest priority for Majestic Hair & Skin Clinic.

It is important to note that we are committed to providing the best possible service and support for our patients. We understand that unforeseen circumstances can sometimes lead to the need for cancellations or rescheduling. Our aim is to ensure that our patients have flexibility while maintaining the highest standards of service.

Please feel free to contact us for any further clarification or assistance regarding our refund and cancellation policy. We are here to assist you in making your journey to hair restoration as smooth and convenient as possible.