What is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma therapy) is a new cutting-edge treatment to cure hair problems like hair thinning, hair fall and hair loss. It helps the body’s natural ability to heal itself. In other words, PRP therapy is a concentration of platelets, which can jump into the body in the form of growth hormones and cytokines that helps the tissues to start rebuilding and healing. Now let us discuss more about PRP hair treatment.

What is a PRP treatment for hair loss?

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a revolutionary treatment for hair loss that promotes hair growth to make the hair denser and stronger again. 

PRP Hair Treatment

The treatment is performed by hair experts who are specialised in doing PRP therapy. In this treatment, doctors use the platelet components of a patient’s blood to promote the regeneration and cell repair of their hair. As a result, this will heal the factors and speed up hair growth and gives them dense and healthy-looking hair. However, the primary focus of PRP hair treatment is to stimulate the hair follicles to grow faster and reverse hair fall and thinning of hair.

What's the process of PRP hair treatment?

PRP treatment is greatly advantageous treatment for all men and women who are suffering from bald patches, hair thinning and severe hair loss. The treatment involves 5 steps and takes around 90 minutes to complete.

Step 1 – 10-20ml blood is drawn typically from your arm.

Step 2 – This blood is transferred to special PRP tubes that contain a special medicine to separate the plasma from the blood.

Step 3 – We put these tubes into a centrifuge (a specially designed machine that separates plasma from the blood).

After spinning this for around 15-20 minutes the blood is separated into 3 layers: Platelet Rich Plasma + Platelet Poor Plasma + Red Blood Cells

Step 4 – The platelet rich plasma is then drawn up into a syringe and injected into the affected ares of scalp or where the patient is facing hair loss or hair thinning problem.

Step 5 – We have observed that PRP treatment gives best results when it’s mixed with Derma Roller treatment. After step 4, micro punctures are made into the scalp with the help of derma roller and remaining platelet rich plasma is sprayed onto the scalp while applying the derma roller. This ensures that PRP reaches to the hair roots. As these growth factors reach the hair roots the stimulate the hair roots and and help cure all hair ailments.

As a result, the affected area of the patient’s scalp starts growing new hair follicle and stimulates hair stem cells again.

Is this PRP hair loss treatment effective?

PRP hair therapy treatment is a completely non-surgical process with no side-effects. It will reduce the hair fall problem and increases the growing phase of the hair. It also reverses the volume or density of hair, which ultimately gives new looks to the patient.

PRP Hair Treatment Side Effects

PRP Hair Treatment for Hair Loss

Common FAQs About PRP:

PRP hair treatment is intended to promote healing or growth of new hair. A patient may start noticing the difference after a few days of first or second PRP session. They may also observe that the affected area getting recovered within a few weeks or months and the hair starts growing again in the bald area of their scalp.

PRP treatment for hair growth is a good option for the growth of hair again in the bald areas. Usually, 4 to 6 sessions may be required for getting the visible difference in the hair volume and quality.

Typically the treatment should be performed once in a month or after every 45 days, depending on the individual’s condition or response to the first few sessions. Each PRP session takes around 90 minutes to complete. So in total PRP treatment may take 6-9 months, depending on the conditions of hair loss.

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is truly a revolutionary treatment for hair loss. There is no restriction after the PRP treatment. A Patient can resume their work or normal daily activity after 12 hours. Moreover, patients may also shampoo or take a shower after 1 day after the treatment.

The effects of PRP last for around 1-3 years and post that you may repeat a few sessions to maintain the healthy hair. 

  • Patient with weak hair or bald skin on the scalp are eligible and can go for Plasma Rich Platelet treatment.
  • Patient with good health and can go for this treatment.
  • A Patient who is able to bear pin-pricking pain can also go for this treatment.
  • Patient with Androgenic Alopecia, who has determined the type of hair thinning can go for this PRP treatment.
  • Hair transplant is a surgical process in which hair can be taken from the back of the scalp and transplanted at the bald area whereas PRP is a non-surgical procedure. During this treatment, doctors only take your PRP blood cell and then injected into the scalp of the head with the help of a centrifuge machine.
  • Hair transplant is more costly than PRP treatment.
  • PRP takes less time to recover than Hair transplant.
  • There will be no risk of any infection in this PRP hair treatment as plasma used blood is drawn only from the patient’s own body.

We generally give 3-6 sessions of PRP with a gap of 30-45 days between 2 sessions. The cost of PRP Hair Treatment varies from Rs.3000 to Rs.8000 per session in India. This variation of cost is dependent on quality of PRP tubes used, machinery and many other factors like if growth factors or vitamin & minerals are mixed while giving the PRP treatment. At our clinic we use only imported PRP tubes that are of super high quality and gives very high yield of plasma. More yield means highly effective PRP treatment in curing hair loss and other hair problems.

Why us For PRP therapy?

Majestic Global hair and skin services is the one-stop solution for all hair fall problems. Here, at this step, our belief is to offer the best and certified PRP treatment at a very competitive cost. We promise to provide the best treatment with all qualified and dedicated staff and the most recent technologies that guarantee best results for all our esteemed clients. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is relatively a simple and the latest technology hair treatment that builds the self-confidence of our client and brings a beautiful smile on their face.

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