Have you noticed more hair on hairbrush or a pillow or on the shower drain than normal? 

The shiny and high volume hair is admired by everyone and all wish to have such healthy hair on their scalp. But when you see a cluster of lost hair strands at the drain or any other place, the jeopardizing situation might mean, you will soon lose your celebrity look because of baldness. Don’t worry we are here to help, we are Majestic Derma : The Most Reviewed Hair Transplant in Delhi

Losing hair is quite scary if you lose more hair than normal. So, how much hair loss is normal? When should you really start worrying and looking for treatments? Know it here!

How Much Hair Loss Is Acceptable?

Everyone loses hair! As per AAD (American Academy of Dermatologists), the scalp of each person consists of 100,000 hair follicles and losing around 50 to 100 hair strands each day is normal. See, the loss of this much strands will not make any difference in your looks and hair health. So, it is acceptable for every age of people.

Normally, 80 & 90% hair follicles grow at one time and other remaining follicles are either shedding or resting. But losing more than this range is really a matter of worry. 

How Much Hair Loss is Acceptable - Majestic Derma

To know about your healthy hair and hair loss deeply, here are some fast facts. Have a look:

  • It’s better to look for hair loss remedies if you’ve caught it early. So, when you notice bald patches or hair thinning then resort to its solution before it’s too late. 
  • Consistent itching & scratching the hair prompts hair loss. 
  • Not keeping the hair & scalp clean, can also cause hair loss.
  • Using hot water can lose hair excessively. So, it’s better to use lukewarm water. 
  • Your diet has a great bearing on hair growth & hair loss. 
  • Seasonal hair loss also occurs because of abnormalities of prolactin and melatonin levels. 
  • Female and male baldness patterns differ from each other. It is estimated that by reaching the age of 50, almost all men experience hair loss.

So, is your hair loss normal? Does your scalp visualize bald patches? Are you losing your confidence because of the consistent hair loss? Then surely there’s a need to look for the best hair transplant in Delhi.  

You may have a plethora of questions regarding hair transplant. Let us put you forward towards these queries. Dive into it!

What is Hair Transplant?

The hair transplant is a surgical procedure to recover back the reducing hair and hairline. From the backside of the head, the hairs are taken to move it up on the top. If you think, these hairs will again be disappeared, then let us clear you, this will not happen. These newly planted hairs are hereditarily resistant so they will not get removed after that. 

Hair Transplant in Delhi, Procedure & Cost – Majestic Derma

In the scalp’s minuscule little slits, these hairs are planted after obtained from the donor region. The donor region is the area from where hairs are taken, particularly it is the backside of the head, hair follicles are taken. 

After a successful hair transplant, hairs start growing in a natural way. In the initial stage, these implanted hairs will fall down within some days and after approx six months, the new hair will grow in this area and make your head fuller with beautiful hair inevitably.   

Hair Transplant in South Delhi

Having healthy hair is everyone’s aspiration as it contributes invariably in the personality of a person. Hair transplant in Delhi by Majestic Hair & Skin Clinic is literally a proven formula in fulfilling this aspiration in a guaranteed way. 

You might have noticed a number of centers for hair transplant in South Delhi, but that are either costly or lack in providing complete & advanced services. Instead, head towards the Majestic Hair & Skin Clinic equipped with all latest techniques for scar-free hair transplant in West Delhi. You will surely be satisfied with our services in just one visit.

How the Baldness Level is Checked?

Baldness level is checked with the help of the Norwood Scale. This scale is a visual representation of hair loss stages and receding hairline. The minimal hair loss or the starting hair loss stages are shown on Norwood 1 Hairline and Norwood 2. If your baldness level falls in this category then you wouldn’t require treatment to deal with it. But stage 3 is something you should worry about and you need to take treatment if your condition falls in this category. How the Baldness Level is Checked - Majestic Derma See, how simple is it to check the baldness level on this scale. It showcases the ways of hair loss occurrence along with the rate of hair loss all at one place. So, it can be considered as a warning scale that alerts you for hair transplant or other treatments.  

Hair Transplantation Nearby New Delhi, India

hair transplantation nearby new delhi IndiaMajestic Hair And Skin Clinic is situated near Tagore Garden Metro Station in New Delhi, India. Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology and diagnostic tools to ensure top-notch care for our patients. We have a reputation for offering pain-free treatments using minimally invasive methods, helping our clients attain a natural and youthful appearance. At MAJESTIC, our goal is to instill renewed confidence and joy in our patients, helping them feel regal with their rejuvenated look.

What are the types/techniques of Hair Transplant?

All over the world, a lot of hair transplant techniques are followed. Here we are sharing some of them, which can bring you productive outcomes for sure. Have a look!

FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi

Nowadays, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method is widely used and preferred by people and has been propagated by a lot of transplant centers too. In this transplantation, individual follicular units are taken out from the backside of the scalp without the strip of tissue being removed. Follicles are removed randomly, and eventually, result in lesser density in the donor area (the donor region is the backside of the head from where hair follicles are taken), and is not even noticeable. With this technique only one follicle is removed at a time, making it a perfect option to restore the hair in small cases. This technique is evolving continuously & now can also be used in larger and larger cases. It takes much expense to learn and develop high standard skills.

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) One of the most Advanced techniques of hair transplantation performed by certified surgeons, not like FUT and FUE mostly performed by technicians. At very first, to perform this technique, hair follicles are extracted. One by one hair follicles is removed from the donor area with 0.8mm or 0.9mm diameter tool, specifically designed for this purpose. After that follicle is kept in a solution at a specific temperature. This particularly enhances the development of these follicles after placement without cutting or separating. After that, the extracted follicles are placed in the bald region. A patented tool is used, named DHI Implanter with the help of which, these follicles are placed directly. The noteworthy point is, holes or slits are not created in advance. All in all, this hair restoration solution, launches the hair fusion directly into the scalp without prior holes.

Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic hair transplant is one of the most effective and least painful hair transplants with easy procedure. It is computer-assisted equipment, generally used to reform the quality of follicle & also used to Amplify the quality of most Difficult FUE (Follicle Extraction unit). There are multiple components of this hair transplant system like computer interface, robotic arm, and small dermal punches. This system is operated by cameras and 3-D imaging software. Around, 1000 hair follicles per hour are removed by this device. FUE hair transplant needs to be done with Great accuracy to prevent the damage of follicular units & Robotic System has enormously increased the precision of the FUE procedure. This system not only reduces the damage to hair follicles but also reduces the harvesting time with its precision and best efficacy. Along with better chances of graft survival.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

Follicular unit transplant is also known as FUSS (follicular unit strip surgery). Following procedures are followed by surgeons to perform FUT. From the donor area (backside of head, where the hair growth is thick), the entire strip of hair is removed. As the entire strip has been taken so a linear scar still remains in this region. This strip is divided into different grafts that consist of one or two follicles. These units (follicular units) further consist of oil glands, tiny muscles, nerves, vellus hairs (fine hairs), and all. These grafted follicular units are then placed into patient’s scalp tiny incisions on bald areas, which is also pronounced as recipient area. After this, the hair growth follows a natural pattern and no one can even guess that there was a surgical treatment take place. FUE Vs FUT Results - Majestic Derma hair transplant in south delhi - Majestic Derma


Beyond any doubt, yes! Hair Transplant is successful and its success rate is quite high if all the factors are favorable to your hair transplant surgery. This particularly means that the doctor goes through all the facts beforehand and then the decision is taken about hair transplant. Once you cross this diagnosis by the doctor then the success rate is quite high, even more than 90%. 

Here are the factors that are determined thoroughly before hair transplant:

  • Age
  • Area and causes of boldness, i.e. genetic, excessive usage of chemical products, hormonal reasons
  • Hair thickness in donor areas
  • Front Hairline

Besides this, many other factors are considered by the doctor and then the only hair transplant procedure is followed. The surgical success rate is, of course, high and as its aftermath, the hair starts sprouting naturally for the lifetime. 

In short, you get a big scope of getting natural hair back with this process. 

If you want to improve your overall appearance, then surely you are a good candidate. However, there are many factors that make you a good candidate ready for the process. Go through these:

  • Your Expectations

You certainly need to have knowledge that the procedure will be followed in a required way to meet the expectation levels. You must know that a definite amount of hair will be moved to your scalp’s thinning areas. You must know about all the favorable & unfavorable outcomes while expecting the results. 

  • Favorable Health Conditions

Your immune system must be healthy enough to take on the medical procedure so that complications can be removed considerably. Especially diabetics and high blood pressure patients are not good candidates in some cases. For example, to take hair transplant using the FUE method, blood sugar level should be normal one day prior to treatment and should remain normal till seven days of treatment. Similarly, the requirements vary treatment to treatment. 

So, it is advisable to consult the doctor first, and discuss your medical history and don’t conceal, especially regarding the chronic diseases, if you are suffering from it. 

  • Commitment Level

Look, from whatever surgery, you have gone through, you must be committed to the aftercare process recommended by the doctor. The same applies to hair transplant surgery. 

You must be ready to follow each of the prescription set by the doctor to minimize the discomfort and behold positive outcomes in the coming few months.  

  • Healthy Lifestyle

A good candidate is one who avoids alcohol and tobacco consumption. So, you must follow a good & healthy lifestyle and include exercise, balanced diet, etc. It’s not just necessary for your health but also leave favorable effects on hair transplant outcomes. 

  • Patience 

You need to understand the fact that you need to be patient not just during the process, but even after a number of months thereafter. The surgery gets over within a few hours. but you can expect its results in a number of upcoming months. So, don’t be anxious, instead, make up your mind to see the desired results. 

Just as other surgical processes, hair transplant also have some risks, subsuming:

  • Temporary hair thinning
  • Itching
  • Hiccups
  • Scarring
  • Swelling and pain, etc.

One thing to consider here is, these risks are not permanent and don’ occurs to everyone. It occurs only in exceptional cases. But if you take hair transplant surgery from certified doctors then even these chances get lower down. 

This means you need not worry about side effects or any sort of risk if you are getting it done from the reliable doctor and best hair transplant clinic in Delhi

This question troubles people a ton. In fact, the prevailing myths make them believe that this is a temporary solution. But for your wonder, yes, hair transplant is permanent. 

You get natural-looking results right after your surgery and that too remains permanently. However, it largely depends upon aftercare, diet, and implementation of the prescribed process to follow after surgery. If you follow every tiniest detail properly, then its effects can remain permanent. 

As it’s the question that almost all of the patients ask who want to go for a hair transplant, let’s answer this in detail. Many people ask about the pain during the surgery and some are concerned about the pain and discomfort after the hair transplant, we will be answering both of these scenarios in detail.

Pain during surgery:

As hair transplant is a surgical process it may be slightly painful. But local anesthesia is given to minimize the pain. So, the portions where the hair is going to be transplanted and extracted are anesthetized, so that the patient doesn’t feel any pain (or may feel pricking sensation like the tip of a pen).

So, overall, you will feel slight pain only once during the procedure, and that’s at the time of injecting anesthesia into the scalp.

Pain after surgery:

This is easily controllable. The painkillers will be given to you even before the anesthesia wears off. So technically, you won’t be feeling any pain at all after the surgery. If prescribed medicine is taken as suggested by the surgeon, then you will breeze through the post hair transplant period. There may be a slight burning sensation at the area of transplant after 1 hour of the procedure which is easily tolerable.

The discomfort reported by a few patients after hair transplant may be due to the sleep position.

FUT technique of hair transplant is more painful and you will be feeling more discomfort as this involves stitches. The skin is stretched due to stitches and it’s removed after 14 days. This may lead to souring sensation at the donor site for 2-3 weeks. In comparison, FUE Hair Transplant is more comfortable so it’s always preferred by surgeons as well as the patients.

The time of hair transplant surgery completion largely depends upon the procedure that the doctor is going to follow. There are several procedures, some of which have been explained above and all of these take its own time to get completed.

Moreover, the number of hair roots that are firstly extracted and then implanted also influence the time of surgery completion.

Both of these factors influence much on the time of surgery. For example, it would take 8 hours to implant 3500 hair roots with FUE procedure and that too, if surgeons are highly professionals. So, time period can’t be mentioned clearly as literally depends upon the situation. 

It largely depends upon the patients themselves. However, if you mean recovery to be a clearance of wounds and slight pain, then it would last in two to three days after surgery. But if you mean recovery from overall surgery, then hardly it takes seven to ten days. But it is advisable to stop any social interaction for about two to three weeks so that this recovery period can go without any complications at all. 

Besides this, you surely need to follow some criteria already recommended by your doctor for fast recovery and be stick to it.

If you’re looking for a permanent solution to your hair loss, you may want to consider a hair transplant. This minimally invasive surgery allows the surgeon to move healthy hairs on your scalp to areas with thinning hair

Age 25 is a reasonable cut off for hair transplants for most men. I’m often asked to see males 18-23 years of age for a hair transplant

Most people are surprised there is virtually no pain during an FUE hair transplant procedure done under a local anesthetic. Once the skin is properly anesthetized, though, there is no pain.

You can cut, dye or shave them like your normal hair. They will again grow back like your natural hair. Point to be noted: The hair roots (follicles) that your surgeon transplanted, will never get thin or lost ever again.

Want to Get Cheapest Hair Transplant in Delhi? Know About Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi Here!

Though the process is quite advanced, still the hair transplant cost in Delhi is not much. The starting cost is Rs. 25,000 and as per the process the cost hikes up and can reach in lakhs. It purely depends upon your hair position, the procedure followed and particularly on clinics to which you have reached to get this treatment.  

Still if you wonder – What is cost of hair transplant in Delhi?

Per graft cost ranges between Rs 30–35. Average cost of hair transplant ranges between Rs 35000–85000 depending on your baldness level and according to the level of baldness number of hair grafts to be implanted is decided.

The factors on which hair transplant cost depends:

  • Number of Grafts: The price generally varies in 35000 to 120000 INR. This depends upon the number of grafts, for example, if you want 1500 grafts then the cost would be Rs. 35000 and with the rise in grafts like 1500 or more the price will also hike up. 
  • The Technique to be Used: As already mentioned, there are a number of techniques for a hair transplant which are based on different procedures. So, the cost varies on which technique you prefer for hair transplant.  
  • External Factors: Many other external factors like recognition of the clinic, location, packages & offers to customers. If the clinic offers you packages on hair transplant, then per graft cost would not vary. In fact, you will get a number of benefits in one package with reduced cost.    

Still confused about the clinic from where you should take the services? Then we suggest you check Majestic Derma reviews on Google. It has bagged 5-star rating for FUE hair transplant services. Our before and aftercare services satisfy the customers and they feel relieved after getting the hair transplant with advanced techniques in India. 

We have bestowed with noticeable results so far and will appease our customers by delivering them the best services with long lasting inferences. Just go through the reviews uploaded on our site and make your mind to get it done right away. 

This question is obvious as the market is brimmed of hair transplant clinics today. Then why should you choose our professional team at Majestic Derma? Firstly, know what it actually is!

Being the skin and hair specialists, Majestic Derma is contributing tremendously to the society with its felicitated services. It has shored up its name in the top professionals well known for their certified treatments. People are obliged to get out treatments every time and prefer us for any skin or hair problem. 

Here we are sharing the reasons to take our services, just go through it:

  • Professional Surgeons!

At Majestic Derma, we are a team of professionals and have conducted 2000+ hair transplant surgeries so far with 100% results. 

  • Bring Natural Outcomes!

The right direction, depth, and angle of hair roots implantation provide 100% natural results to our patients and the hair seems to be naturally grown after surgery. 

  • Safe Procedures!

For us, your safety is our priority and we follow the protocols in the desired way to bring safe results to you. 

  • Life Time Hair Growth!

We vouch for the best results and lifetime hair growth by choosing just healthy hair follicles. 

  • Affordable Price!

At Majestic Derma, you get quality treatments in pocket-friendly rates.

So, why not you are joining us? Get in our touch and get the best hair transplant in Delhi from us to live a satisfactory life ever after. 

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